Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unique Alternatives To The Basic Wedding Tent

It's always best to include a tent at any outdoor wedding or event. Tents provide shelter from the elements and can do a lot in setting the tone for your wedding. But selecting the right tent for your type of event is essential. Luckily, today tents come in many innovative and unique styles and options. Gone are the days of the old hum-drum frame and pole tents. Check out some of these snazzy tent options:

This Moroccan-theme tent includes arches and silk string drops on all openings and themed lighting.

Modular tents can be stretched around trees, structures, and rocks and has expandable tent poles that adjust to uneven surfaces.

Safari-style Tipi Marquee tents are canvas and wood structures that can accommodate a central open fire and can be joined into custom configurations to seat 500 or hold 800 for receptions. 

This pole tent in a unique starburst shape is highly translucent and built with a curve-accented perimeter.

A wooden-framed tent with cloth canopies radiates the feel of a tropical oasis. The windows, above an adjacent roof, allow sunlight in during the day and indoor lighting to project out at night.