Friday, June 27, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real Wedding: Swanky & Sultry DC Wedding

I remember my first meeting with the bride. She blew me away when she described her wedding venue: An Upscale Burlesque Restaurant and Bar in Washington, DC named SAX. I had never heard of the place and to be honest, I could not visualize how this would work for a wedding! But this girl knew exactly what she wanted, and her vision and ideas were very clear right from the start. During our first walk-through of the venue I was immediately blown away by the detail and richness of the decor in this place! It was like Interview with the Vampire meets Marie Antoinette. I immediately saw why the bride had fallen in love with this place. As the weeks of pre-planning went on, we discovered that the unorthodox choice in venue and theme did not come without it's challenges. The ceremony logistics alone were extremely challenging-the bride and groom were to exchange vows in huge glass enclosure right above the bar. But all in all the wedding was a huge success, and everyone had a blast. Congratulations once again to the fun couple, this was truly a memorable experience for all involved!

Venue: SAX-DC
Planner: A Bride's BFF

Friday, June 6, 2014

Frugal Fridays-Cheap DIY Wedding Ideas

Just because you're trying to save money on your wedding doesn't mean it  has to look cheap! Check out these frugal but fabulous DIY money-saving ideas.

Save money by buying a very simple cake and wrapping different widths of ribbon around your cake. Uses complementary colors and contrasting textures to give it a pretty effect. Then, stick the ends together with royal icing and voila!

Frame your ceremony program and display it on a table near the guest book or in other locations where guests will easily find it. Saving you money on printing and copying. You can also do this with menus.

The cost of wedding flowers can add up. Save money on your decor for miscellaneous tables such as sign-in tables, favor card tables, bars, etc... by creating easy summer wedding centerpieces using colorful fruit.

Milk glasses make gorgeous centerpiece vessels. But they can be difficult to find and very expensive! Turn almost any cheap glass vase (think dollar store, thrift, stores and garage sales) into a beautiful vintage pieces with this tutorial by Emmaline Bride