Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Real Wedding: Unconventional Wedding Venue Couple Shirani & David

Piggybacking on my last post about unconventional wedding venues...I want to give a big shout out to my newest clients Shirani and David who will be celebrating their nuptials at SAX DC (a burlesque lounge). Yes, you heard right, a burlesque lounge! Complete with dancers and all. When I first discovered what type of venue my client had chosen I was like HUH?! But it's not like what you would think at all!

At our venue walk through last week I got to see it for myself. The atmosphere was amazing! The entire venue was decadent and romantic and sexy (but in the best way). The whole restaurant is gold and very lux and VERY impressive looking! Think Marie Antoinette meets Interview with the Vampire. Yup, after one look I completely changed my mind. 

And the BEST part is...drum roll please...the stage, which is not a stage at all is a glass-enclosed burlesque stage box right above the bar. This also happens to be where my couple will be saying their "I do's". That's right, in a glass box high above a bar for all to see!

The logistics will be a bit challenging, as I'm starting to find out, because this venue is anything but typical for a wedding. But the venue staff (shout out to Angela) is awesome and has lot's of great ideas. In short, this wedding is going to be AMAZEBALLS! And maybe at the end of all of this I'll become an unconventional wedding expert lol.

What kind of unconventional wedding locations have you planned (or would like to plan) a wedding at? 

Photo credit: SAX DC, Yelp