Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Monograms

Are you stuck on figuring out ways to personalize your wedding? Consider a wedding monogram. Hands down there is no easier way to personalize the look of your wedding than by slapping your initials all over it (in the loveliest of ways of course).

Monogram Uses

There is an endless list of possibilities on where and how you can use your wedding monogram. It’s commonly used on everything from invitations, napkins, cake toppers, menu cards, favors and of course in gobo lighting (that big lit up monogram you commonly see projected on reception dance floors and walls). 

Things to Consider

Since the monogram encompasses both the bride and grooms initials, both of you should be very involved in choosing the monogram for your wedding. Monograms come in so many styles and fonts that you will really have to carefully consider which one will best reflect your unique personalities and the tone you’re trying to create for your wedding.

Where to Find Your Monogram

This will largely depend on your budget. Your first choice would be to hire an experienced graphic designer, give them your ideas and ask them to help you create a custom monogram for your wedding. A cheaper alternative would be to choose from ready-made monograms. You can find lots of these on places like Etsy.

Once you have your wedding monogram ready, the fun begins as the possibilities on where and how to use it are ENDLESS.