Saturday, December 28, 2013

4 Gorgeous Fabric Choices For Your Winter Wedding Gown

The best part of winter wedding fashion is that you can indulge in luxe fabrics and without getting too hot or feeling weighed down. If you're considering a winter wedding check out these 4 cozy materials that will keep you warm and stylish for your winter-wonderland wedding.

Velvet is a soft, thick fabric with a felted face and plain underside.


Brocade is a heavy weight fabric woven on a special loom. It has raised patterns that gives it a contrasting white on white appearance. Commonly designed with a floral pattern.

Silk is the premiere wedding fiber for softness, luster and beauty. Real silk is made from silkworm cocoons.
Satin has a tightly woven effect that creates a fabric with a beautiful sheen on one side.
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