Saturday, December 14, 2013

6 Tips for Your Food Tasting

If hosting a wedding where you are serving dinner or having a buffet, it's essential to have a "tasting". The caterer or the catering property schedules a tasting so that you can sample the foods that will be served at the reception from the hors-d'oeuvres, to main course, to the cake (if included in the package).

The tasting is an essential step in the planning for your catering because it is the only chance you will have to sample possible food items for your wedding and make any applicable changes. Make sure the tasting is included in your contract with the caterer or catering property.

Here are six tips to remember before you attend a tasting:

1. Eat before you go. If you’re starving by the time you get to the tasting, most anything will taste good when your stomach is growling.

2. Limit the number of people who go with you. Take your fiancĂ© with you, and if someone else is paying for part of the wedding take them too.  What you don’t want is too many opinions because it will become overwhelming. Be sure to confirm with the caterer how many guests will come with you.

3. Shop around. (Unless your venue requires use of their chef and catering staff). Don’t feel pressured to hire the first caterer you meet with. Attend at least three tastings to get an idea of what’s available.

4. Take notes. How was it presented? What stood out in your mind? You’ll sample quite a bit of food, and you want to remember what you liked and didn’t like. Even if you are given a menu, take notes on the menu.

5. Be open-minded. Don’t push off a food that you’ve never really enjoyed. Chefs prepare foods in different ways, and one may prepare your despised brussel sprouts in a new, delicious way. Also, some items that you have your heart set on may not work in your budget or may not be in season for your wedding.

6. Find something that represents you and your relationship. I’m a big proponent of finding unique ways to represent your relationship. Do both of you love breakfast? Why not consider a breakfast-themed late night snack? Did you eat at an Italian restaurant on your first date? Then you may want to consider having Italian menu items. Obviously you can go another route, but always consider personalizing your menu options.
Source Wedding 101