Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Create Welcome Bags for Your Wedding Guests

Show your appreciation to out-of-town guests by giving them personalized welcome bags.

  • Choose pretty packaging: a basket, a custom printed bag, or buy plain gift bags and tissue paper in your wedding colors; use stickers, ribbons or markers to decorate them.

  • Offer your guests a guide to the neighborhood. Include favorite local hotspots (i.e. where to find the best coffee or your favorite museum). Include directions to your wedding events, as well as brochures and coupons for local activities.

  • Fill it with more of the couple’s favorite goodies such as a favorite candy, wine or beer. Add a product that reflects your wedding location; examples include locally grown produce, handmade crafts or local magazines and publications. Write a short note to your guests explaining the significance of each item.

  • Include a thank-you note so your guests know how much you appreciate their efforts to attend your wedding.

  • Have the welcome gifts delivered to the guests’ rooms before they arrive.
Source eHow