Friday, January 10, 2014

11 Must-Know Tips About Renting Formalwear

1. Who picks out the Tux the bride or the groom?
The groom should be allowed to pick out his own tux. However, leaving the bride totally in the dark about the attire is not a good idea. The groom should look at a few styles he likes then take the bride along on the 2nd trip to get her opinion. The groom still makes the ultimate decision on what he feels comfortable and happy wearing.

2. They style and type of formalwear should be dictated by the time of day and formality of the wedding.

3. Don't wait until the last minute. Plan to reserve all formalwear 3-4 months before the wedding date.
4. Spring and Fall dates are particularly busy at formal wear rental shops due to Prom and homecoming season. If you wait until the last minute around these dates you may not get what you want.
5. Decide if the best man will wear the same style as the rest of the groomsmen or whether his outfit will be slightly different somehow.
6. Get measured and have the best man an all the other groomsmen come in to do the same (out-of-town groomsmen should get measured by a professional and send in their measurements).
7. When renting formal wear, it's best to get the insurance offered by the vendor. It's not expensive and if anything happens that could damage that suit the groom and/or his bridal party is wearing, you will be covered! Otherwise, you could be on the hook and formal wear is not cheap to replace. 
8. Don't forget about non-rental accessories such as ties, shirts, shoes, socks, suspenders, belts, cuff links, handkerchiefs, etc...
9. Review your receipt carefully for: store name, salesperson's name and contact information, wedding date, complete description of what you're renting including (type and quantity of items, sizes, colors, style numbers, accessories, pickup date and time, return date and time, total price, late return fees, deposit amount, remaining balance, due date, cancellation policy and refund policy).
10. Create (or have your wedding planner create) a formalwear checklist to keep track of each groomsmen's order, sizing information, accessories, and to track whether they received all their formalwear and whether they returned all of their formalwear after the event.

11. Formalwear should be picked up a few days before the wedding.
Source: The Knot