Tuesday, January 14, 2014

4 Tips on Getting Floral Estimates

1. Try to find a florist that specializes in your style. Some florists specialize in tall, lush, ornate centerpieces, while other are better at modern, minimalistic arrangements. The florist should be able to show you examples of recent work that matches the aesthetic you desire.
2. Have each florist put together a detailed proposal for your wedding, based on what you've told them about your wedding vision and floral budget. Ask them to prepare a "high" best-case scenario and a "low" bare-minimum proposal. You can always mix and match to create a mid-range package.
3. When shopping florists and getting estimates, always have them note the type and variety of flowers used. You must compare apples to apples when getting estimates!
4. Once you select and hire a florist, request a contract and check it for:
  • Vendor name and contact information
  • Date, time and location of your ceremony and reception
  • Itemized list of all the flower arrangements you've chosen (including specific blooms)
  • List of flower alternatives, should certain blooms be unavailable
  • List of everything the florist will supply (vases, trellis and other accessories)
  • Arrival times and amount of time needed for setup at each site
  • Where and when bouquets and boutonnieres should be delivered
  • Name of the florist who will be on-hand during setup on the wedding day
  • Itemized fees including delivery and setup, a total cost, deposit paid and balance due
  • Balance due date, cancellation and refund policy
Source: The Knot