Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fusion Indian-Greek Wedding

This couple did an amazing job at representing both of their cultures and religions into their Jewish-Hindu wedding. Two ceremonies elegantly wove the bride's Greek Orthodox roots with the groom's Indian heritage. Their wedding planner—Alexandra Strawn of Cherry Blossom Events—dubbed the wedding“Bollywood goes Greek”.
When they began to plan the wedding, they knew they wanted to incorporate both of their cultures and religions, as they had both been raised with strong ties to each. After a ton of debate the couple finally decided to abbreviate both ceremonies and do them at the same time. They believed that would be the best way to honor their traditions most fully and allow all of their friends the chance to see both sides of our cultures.

How did they pull it off? The couple started off wearing traditional Indian wedding garb, with a baraat (an Indian groom’s wedding procession) and a celebratory Indian ceremony under a mandap, a traditional Indian wedding canopy. Then, the mandap was transformed, covered with olive branches and the bride changed into a white gown groom donned a suit for the Greek Orthodox ceremony. How clever!
Photo Credits: The Happy Couple
Source: Washingtonian