Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Personalized Tea Bag Favors

Personalized tea bag favors are a great idea for your wedding and here's why: 

Affordable yet stylish. The favors featured here sell for about $1.00 each and yet are elegantly dressed up with 3 styles.

Tea is classic. Americans have been sipping this savory brew since 1907, when an American tea merchant named Thomas Sullivan began handing out samples of his tea in small, Chinese silk bags with handy drawstrings attached.

Health benefits. Too many to count! Not only has tea been proven to have heart-healthy benefits, it also helps protect you from a range of super scary cancers.

Good for the planet! No waste, no worry, no plastic to fill up our landfills. If you enjoy a cup of tea brewed with loose leaves or even a tea bag, these are terrific sources of rich nitrogen for your compost pile.