Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Your Valentine's Lip Print Reveals

Here's something just for fun. Your Valentine’s lip print can reveal some interesting personality traits:

1. If the lower lip print has a V-shaped indentation (called a gourmet lip split) in the middle of the inner edge, it is safe to assume that this person is not a cheap date. They tend to have champagne and caviar tastes

2. A dark line (energy line) at the edge of the inner aspect of the lower lip print is someone that gets their feelings hurt easily.

3. A round or oval shaped print is someone that doesn’t like conflict or confrontation. They like everyone to get along.

4. A hug pucker looks like a tonsil hanging down from the middle of the inner edge of the upper lip print. The larger the hug pucker, the more these people are generous with their hugs. They enjoy being physically affectionate.