Sunday, November 10, 2013

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Photographer

When shopping for photographers, shop for QUALITY not price. It's better to have 10 great photos than 100 bad ones! As you shop for a wedding photographer, keep these 3 things in mind:

1. Equipment. Does your photographer use digital cameras or film? Ask about the quality and dependability of their equipment? A good photographer should also always bring backup equipment with them.

2. Skill. How long have they been photographing people and weddings? The only way to tell a photographer's skill is to look at their past work. Does he/she creatively pose his subjects? Good photographers are skilled in masking ugly backgrounds with creative posing and lighting. Ask to see as many photos as possible in different lighting conditions (indoors, outdoors at night, low-light, etc...). Tip: low-light photography is challenging and only the most experienced/skilled photographers will get this right.

3. Personality. Good communication with your photographer is key. The photographer you choose should be skilled at communicating with all types of people (think controlling a large crowd of unruly wedding guests and family members to all pose for a photo). Can they help ease your nerves and help you relax in front of the camera or are they intrusive and all in your face? Ask questions to try to get a good reading of their style and personality. You will spend a lot of time with this wedding vendor, make sure you like this person!