Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 Tips for Planning a Successful Bachelor Party

I don't do this often...but this one's for the fellas. Guys, take note. If you really want to bond with the hommies and have an unforgettable night, follow these steps or forever hold your peace!


1. VIPs Only - Be selective about who you invite and how many people you invite. Restricting the number of guests to a few SPECIAL AND CLOSE FRIENDS will help you keep numbers low and enjoyment high. A bachelor party is a special event best enjoyed with your core circle of trustworthy friends, not jerks who will tag you all over facebook when the evening is over. 
2. Leave Some Time for R&R - Choose a date at least 2 days before the wedding. This allows ample recovery time after being wasted. I highly suggest doing it THE WEEKEND BEFORE the wedding. Do keep in mind that weddings are expensive (and often video taped). The bride will expect her groom and groomsmen to be attentive and alert during the ceremony.
3. Boundaries - If you're throwing this party for a friend of yours, make sure you know his boundaries. Not everybody is used or comfortable around strippers or strip club, etc... You also don't want to get the groom into hot water with his bride-to-be. So make sure you know what IS and IS NOT appropriate.
4. Logistics - The bachelor party will inevitably entail significant amounts of alcohol. Act responsibly and HIRE A DRIVER for everyone to get around safely. Even if there is no alcohol involved, you are all there collectively to have epic fun, why bother driving! 
5. Minimize the Tailgating - If daytime activities are planned before the big night, GO EASY ON THE BOOZE. This will ensure more guys, especially the bachelor, make it through the night's festivities.
6. Split Expenses - Plan out all the expected expenses and share amongst your troupe. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, figure out who is paying for what, and how much each person is willing to shell out BEFORE the final check arrives.  
7. Coat the Gut - This should be a no-brainer...but make sure to EAT something substantial before the revelry. A dinner is more than just the toast-off for the beginning of the night, it also gives your stomach a nice base for all of the evening's alcohol consumption. 
Source Yuna Weddings
Ladies, share this with a man you know and keep 'em out of trouble.