Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Honeymoon Planning Tips

  1. Honeymoon plans should be confirmed as soon as the ceremony and reception sites are booked. Depending on where you are going, getting all the right paperwork (passport, VISAS, etc...) and immunizations may take a while!                             
  2. Honeymoon planning is a great project for the groom! It's a short, but important project with pre-defined parameters. AND it has nothing to do with the frilly business of picking out colors and fabrics and flowers and details, etc... All the things men love right?                                                              
  3. Always book and pay using a credit card. This will protect you if your travel agent, hotel, etc…go out of business. Many credit card companies have some sort of travel protection benefits or dispute resolution process in case something you pay for goes terribly wrong. It's also a good idea to use or earn frequent flier miles with honeymoon travel.     
  4. Take advantage of honeymoon upgrades. Bring a copy (not the original!) of your marriage certificate to reap the benefits of receiving gifts, amenities, upgrades and all sorts of goodies for being a honeymoon couple. This is one time where it's ok to hold your greedy little hand out for extra perks. Work it!                                                                 
  5. Lastly, avoid traveling out on your wedding night. Weddings tend to run behind. As a result you'll be rushed and might even miss your flight. Not to mention, you will be EXHAUSTED and probably a little cranky from the long day’s events. That's no way to travel!

Have fun and enjoy you're honeymoon! Make memories that will last a lifetime. Also make sure to check out my Pinterest board of exotic and breathtaking honeymoon travel destinations.