Friday, November 8, 2013

White Bridesmaids Dresses-A 2014 Wedding Trend

The old tradition of only the bride can wear white at a wedding is NO MORE. With many celebrities opting to have all of their bridesmaids dressed in white; the color traditionally reserved for the bride, may become the HOT new bridesmaids color of 2014.

Here are some tips for pulling this trend off:

Who can forget the fabulous 2nd wedding of Nene Leakes to her ex-husband Gregg? As the always glamorous Nene Leakes taught us, this trend can work fabulously when the bride is not the one dressed in all white!

If both the bride and bridesmaids dresses are close to the same hue then the bridesmaid dress should be a completely different style than the brides; as the lovely Kate and Pippa Middleton have done here:

And let's not leave out the infamous nice!

Short white bridesmaids dresses are always cute and stylish!


Or add a bit of color...

A word of caution here... if you are a guest at the wedding or if you were not asked by the bride to wear white, showing up in a solid white outfit is still considered a faux pas. So don't do it!!

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